Rebekah Love

I'm Rebekah Love, a PhD candidate, Native New Yorker, and 20-something writer. 


About this site

Welcome to Rebekah Love;  my portoflio, blog, and public journal which represents all that I do as a scholar, designer, writer, and professional organizer.

There’s lots of juicy content here and all my connecting sites of the innanents.

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Not Just A Blog.

My mother  gave me the middle name Love because that's what she saw in me when I was born. I'm embracing the love within myself which is shaping the way that I see the world.  

When I'm not snuggled in a book, writing in my journal, chatting with my sister, or in class. I'm merging my life as a jewelry designer, student, activist, and researcher.  With Love is my online journal where I share what that all looks like.



Its Here :)

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