Back Home

It's been over 5 years since I last blogged on my own domain (I'm not counting my Tumblr blog) and its been 26 days since I've been back in New York. After spending 5 weeks in Bali for a study abroad program, I couldn't wait to be home. So being back home refers to my voice reentering the blogging world and returning to the comfort zone of my apartment. 

One of the first things I did when I got home was spend quality time with my live in boyfriend. Although we talked every day while I was away, I was still nervous to see him. But as much as I love him, I couldn't wait to be alone. In Bali, I shared a room with one of my classmates which was like dorming. And because I spent most of my life sharing spaces with people, I cherish my personal space so much more. Once I detached myself from my boyfriend's hip, I spent the next few days doing absolutely nothing. 

I struggled to ignore the feelings of guilt because I didn't have to return to work right away. I also fought thoughts that I was lazy because I wasn't doing anything productive. I know because of the way I view work, I'm conditioned to see not working as lazy and relaxation as a privilege. It's definitely a first world problem and very specific to New Yorkers. 


But once I realigned myself back into my space. I went to see my family in Brooklyn. They live in Philadelphia but was vending at Soul Summit in Fort Green Park. My mother pictured above has beautiful silver bantu knots and my sister is to the left. 


My last week in Bali, I purchased my summer outfits, this dress included. They were different lengths and an assortment of colors, it was difficult to choose. I was in love with the soft colors and pastels.

Ubud is a central tourist destination which is filled with several markets. The prices in tourist areas are typically tripled. That being so, it's expected that we bargain.  But I was never comfortable with bargaining because it reminds me of hagglers during my vending days. I was able to make reasonable purchases where I didn't feel robbed or like I was robbing the vendor. 


I paired this dress with Sam Edelman sandals which I purchased from DSW. My accessories are an Hermes enamel bangle and side bag, Charmed Feathers Indigo belly chain worn as a necklace, a ring from Brooklyn Artery, and earrings from Aldo

The night before I did small two strand twists in my hair using Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner, after I co washed with As I Am Coconut CoWash