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Back in April I went to San Jaun, Puerto Rico for the first time. It was a much needed and over do vacation.

A part from our stay in this Airbnb, we also stayed a night at El Hotelito in Fajardo, PR. I must say, it was the overall experience that made it the most memorable part of our trip. 

The over night stay in El Hotelito was completely spontaneous. We planned the same day that we arrived. We took the 1 hour drive in the rain to Fajardo. We did not know what to expect, so we panicked when the rental got stuck on the hill. The only fear I had was of the unknown. I know now that there are no wild animals in P.R, but at the moment all I could think about was being attacked by a monkey lol. 

Eventually, the owner of the hotel picked us up and we drove up the mountain to the hotel. It was well worth the adventure. We were greeted by the hotel watch dogs,  the misty view of the forest. We were surrounded by the sound of rain and silence. To our pleasant surpise, there was no wifi and the service sucked. Our bags were still in the car so we had nothing to entertain ourselves.

We were completely secluded which took awhile to get use to. The act of not doing anything always drives me a little crazy before I can appreciate the calm. 

Our room had an outdoor patio which led to the backyard and pool. I took this has an opportunity to journal. For the next few hours we did absolutely nothing but relax. We sat in the main area where seats faced the forest. We watched the fog come and go and listened to the rain. This hotel is perfect for disconnecting, especially if you live in the city. 

We have plans to return on a couples trip. But I'd love to visit when it's not rainy because the moisture and rain made me uncomforable during bedtime. I'd be returning for the home cooked meal which was THE best food we had while we were in Puerto Rico. 

Pictured above is the balcony of our Airbnb in San Juan. I'm wearing the Gabby dress from The Line by KSam Edelman sandals purchased from DSW. My earrings are hand-painted by my good friend Yumnah Najah. And these lovely crochet braids are by the hands of Hair By Susy, located in Brooklyn.