Friends > Internet Friends

Curl Fest bayybeee. This was my second year attending and it was bigger and more beautiful than last year. I knew long before the day that I was going to wear this dress, another number I brought in Ubud. It was a difficult choice but I couldn't say no to this pink and teal combo. 


I recognized quit a few people from the interweb which is always fun. I spotted a few of my own "internet friends". An internet friend (a term I made up lol) is someone who you've never met in person, but you kind of feel like you know them because your invested in their life online. The relationship may or may not be reciprocated.

I enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level, that's why I'm uncomfortable at networking events because its surface level socializing. And although I'm a social butterfly, and I like getting to know people, there's something about a relationship that doesn't past first name basis that's draining.

I cherish intimacy and I'm always looking for something deeper. I think its a beautiful thing but I'm often disappointed. This was a huge lesson for me in Bali and it came up again at Curl Fest.  I have expectations in relationships whether their internet friends, associates, or real friends. But I'm learning to lower my expectations from people. 


On my left wrist is a bangle from Cos, ring from Brooklyn Artery. On my right arm I'm wearing Hermes enamel and leather bracelet, and hand-made bracelets brought on Ahmed & Gili beach in Bali. On my neck is Charmed Feathers Indigo belly chain worn as a necklace and a rabbit foot charm gifted from a close friend. In my ears I'm wearing geometric earrings from ArinMaya and Aldo.