Organize For Love, Organization Services: My New Business Venture



What you’ve just watched (hopefully) is my very first commercial. The intention was to promote my product, The Everything Planner. But it also shows a partwho I am and how I am. If you haven’t yet, check out my new business, Organize For Love below

Organize For Love is a culmination of my formal and informal training in organization, productivity, and decluttering. My life experiences has created space for me to need organization which I ultimately fell in love with. In December 2018, I began mapping out business details and shortly after in January of 2019 I launched Organize For Love.


I do want to shout out me for writing my goals down and putting the time to execute them. I’m always proud of my determination when I want to get things done. I want to resist the urge to criticize myself because there’s different times and places for constructive criticism and celebration. Right now is a time of celebration.

What makes this particular goal so awesome is I’ve always imagined myself graduating from college, not with a job but with a business. That’s how I measure, (or want to measure) my success. How can I apply my formal education and experiences to the real world? How can I use them to my and my community’s advantage? Although to some, a job will suffice, but for me ownership is my true measurement of success.

Therefor 4 months after I graduated with my Bachelors degree, I began planning my professional organizing services, Organize For Love.


I also want to invite you to Organize For Love first workshop, Digital decluttering. I will be facilitating this free workshop in Newark, NJ. Click the photo to RSVP.


With Love,

Rebekah Love