WE GOT IN: Sis, We're About To Be a Dr. 👩🏾‍🏫


🎼 I can't believe we made it (this is what we made, made) 🎼
🎼 This is what we're thankful for (this is what we thank, thank) 🎼


AHHHH, I got INNNN. I got accepted into my dream Ph.D program; Critical Social/Personality Psychology (a division of social psychology) at The Graduate Center in New York City. If you’ve been to my blog before today, you may have noticed on my scholar webpagethat it said, “I was applying to Ph.D programs for the Fall of 2019”. Well guess what, bitch I got into the Ph.D program I applied to!!!!!!!

I have been talking about and working at it for 4 + years. But I’ve also been dreaming for 7 + years. And although the real work hasn’t begun, this acceptance does cause for a celebration.

I say “we” got in because I feel my entire community will be there with me. I’m also going into this program with not only a crew of folks rooting me on but also a support system that I can lean on. I plan to continue to share about my experiences through out the process.


The biggest hurdle in the pursuit of applying to a Ph.D program was having the nerve to do it. It took courage, my own validation and the right tools to stay the course. I also surrounded myself with peers who were applying, applied, or already in graduate school where I asked lots of questions. In addition to seeking a lot of insight, feedback, and support from advisors and professors. They were instrumental in my application process.

The biggest difficulty during the process was feeling like I had a right to and believing that I would actually get accepted. There were more mental hurdles than anything.

Rebekah Christie PhD.jpg

A stranger on Tumblr inspired me to pursue a Ph.D which was something I didn’t even know exist. How’s that for exposure.


It’s sooo important for me to share my process, applying, getting in, and when I finally graduate. It was almost 8 years ago when a woman shared her JSD degree on Tumblr. At the time, higher education was an abstract idea of mine but I wasn’t actively working towards pursuing higher education. It was simply being exposed to graduate school that peaked my interest, hence my justification to always, always, always share my life pursuits. I never know who I’m exposing, inspiring, or encouraging to do what.

It’s why we should all utilize our own platforms to share our experiences, if you can inspire one person then you can inspire millions. Share one thing today to inspire someone.

Cheers to the beginning of this journey. I hope you’ll join me.

With Love,

Rebekah Love