Sacred: Creativity, Pleasure & Relationships [Sisterhood Summit Seven]

On May 30th, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from John Jay College with a Bachelor of Arts in Gender and Africana Studies. I don't know if I'm more excited to close this chapter of my life OR to put my full attention on my passion projects. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm kicking off my post-undergraduate career doing what I love. 

On June 9th, I'm facilitating my workshop, "For Mom" at the Sacred: Creativity, Pleasure of Relationships Sisterhood Summit 7. 

I designed this workshop with my mother and sisters in mind. Fresh out of the New Year, on New Years Day, I was feeling open and vulnerable like my heart was on the outside of my chest. Since then, I've been feeling my way through but also looking for ways to process and unpack the emotions that came up as a result of this day


"For mom", is a series of exercises consisting of journaling, interactive Q&A, and partnership between an elder and youth. There are conversations between family members that we may or may not have, conversations that range from challenging to suppressed. There is no rule book for how to have them, yet their impetrative to our individual and collective healing. For mom, provides a foundation for building confidence and a one on one guide to starting these conversations. The workshop answers this simple question, how do I talk to family even when it’s so hard to?"


Join me and 39 other facilitators for a day of vulnerable sister love, intergenerational healing,  soulful revelations, and honest inner work. Purchase tickets here.


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