Love Your Body and Wear WHATEVER the Hell You Want, Even if You Feel Insecure


First of all, I want to thank Marcy, a family friend who blessed me with these pants. These pants are my entire mooood. I wore these lovely numbers while in London, my first time there. I thought about London’s clean and sheek style and wanted to match that energy.

I went to London for my fiance’s cousin’s wedding which made me fall in love with Nigerian culture even more.


High waisted, wide leg are the only bottoms I’m interested in.


My friends are always surprised when I talk about my body insecurities. Specifically when it comes to my stomach. Its soo ridiculous but its something I’ve struggled with for year. Today, I’ve come to accept what my body looks like today.

But once upon a time, I felt if I didn’t have a six pack, I wasn’t allowed to show or bring attention to that area. Therefore shying away from two articles of clothing that I stan for; crop tops and high waisted pants.


If you ever opted out of wearing something that does in fact bring you joy but your insecurities stopped you.

I’m here to tell you, sis WEAR IT 🗣 Have you ever restricted yourself from wearing something you loved because you felt insecure about how it looked? Share it in the comments.


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With Love,

Rebekah Love

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