I Am My Brother's Keeper Recap

All Photography Shola Bashorun


On Sunday, 45 brothers and sisters gathered at Prospect Park to experience a whole lot of love, healing, and joy. 

There was a hiccup in our schedule due to an untrustworthy drop pin (thanks google maps). When arriving participants were asked to answer on a piece of paper "what do you do to practice self-love". They were also asked to write how they were feeling on a name tag, instead of their names.

It was an interesting task for a few of the facilitators 

However, the beautiful weather coupled with being at the park made it the perfect day to open up and challenge ourselves. As everyone waited oh so patiently. We began around 4:30pm.


Brittany Josephina; writer and healer, opened the group with an icebreaker, "Compliment Him". Everyone excitedly exchanged compliments. One sister's beautiful smile was recognized, another brother's genuine eyes. Brittany lastly prompted everyone to share their vision with someone of the opposite sex. Everyone fell into place and you can witness the giddiness among these adults. How often do you get to share your vision to an eager stranger excited to listen. 


The shared enthusiasm was felt from person to person and you can see how everyone comfortably accepted the task.

It was beautiful.

And different.

My heart was full when I left. Being around young people of color who were open and engaged with each other was a fantastic feeling, and one that I don’t experience often enough. The event gave me the opportunity to be awkward/corny, but I truly had a great time and felt connected with the people there. THANK YOU!!
— Participant
I feel so energized and ready to tackle my dreams at full speed. In fact, I have been doing so. I’ve been jumping obstacles that once stood so high like pebbles on the sidewalk.
— Participant

The day was followed by too many hugs to count, an aching face from smiling, and a familiar spirit from your loving and nurturing grandparent's home. It was an ode to the black family reunion. Except, it was new, modern, and adjusted to today's generation.

Participants were asked earlier to share their self-love practices. Each facilitator read them out loud. During an exercise called, Moving Forward, participants linked arms and discussed if they had all practiced the shared practice. In the end we promised to drink more wine and meditate in a dark bathroom. If you're improving the way you take care of yourself, remember to invite your brothers and sisters to join you.

I’ve met a group of people who not only inspired me but actually are interested in taking me higher. I’ve made friendships and will continue to share my lessons with them and others
— Participant
This event has brought me closer to myself. And has made me simply recognize myself more. “I am my brothers keeper” helped me recognize my brothers more too. I see all my brothers now. I am more delicate with my brothers now. I love and understand my brothers even more.
My eyes have been opened in the best way possible, because it brought me back to the human experience. It was based around self first, so it was us getting in tune with ourselves and our individual experience. “I am my brothers keeper” recognized HE and also SHE!
— Participant
I was happy I attended. It was something I needed. I feel our community needs something like this on the regular. I learn to be a little bit more happy with myself and who I am. Accepting my flaws and all. When I left I felt as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. This event was great for networking and meeting some amazing people I hope to keep in touch with. Awesomeness
— Participant
When I was leaving, I felt as if I was longing for more of what took place, more hugs, more smiles and authenticity, more urban vibes and perspective, more opportunity to self-love and freely love others because they’re sooo awesome. Ooh, of course I made connections. I made some of the best connects I’ve had in a long time. Thank you.
— Deanna

We want to thank Brittany Josephina, of Brittspiration, your transformative and affirming words was our Sunday sermon. Ausara-yah Kokayi, who helped us to not only acknowledge our murdered brothers and sisters but she also reminded us that they didn't die in vain. Shola Bashorun, of aQut, for capturing the day with your keen eye for stories with your photography. Marquelle Turner Gilchrist, the creator of #TheNewStereotype, thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. Thank you Taylor for recording the essence of all that we did, with your videography. And lastly thank you to all the facilitators for believing in the vision and putting your energy and time into this project. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. 


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