It's Never Too Late

Its been over 5 years since I blogged on and to be honest I was sad to see it go. Sometimes I wonder where I'd be with personal blogging if I never stopped. I remember exactly how it happened, I began the transition from blog to website by dropping the blogspot and purchasing I missed a payment and never bounced back.

Although I still have my Tumblr blog, it's not the same. I reflect on where I was not only because I don't want to make the same mistake again, but because I want to be transparent about my inconsistencies. I was young and struggled with commitment, specifically when it came to my blog and my thoughts got the best of me. I never looked at blogging the same.

I purchased two years ago. Two. Years. I didn't realize how long it was until I signed into my Squarespace and saw the unpublished site. There are many reasons why I didn't start even after I brought the domain, but I couldn't move forward with a new blog because I was still dwelling on the what ifs, what happened, and shoulda-coulda-wouldas. I made every excuse in the book on why I didn't deserve to try again. It's amazing the stories we tell to talk ourselves out of our own desires.


But sharing myself with the world whether its emotionally, creatively, or spiritually is something I want to do even when it's hard to. I have so much to give and a blog is the perfect channel to do so. 

I share this all to say, I needed to publicly forgive myself so that I can move forward.

My hopes are to rebuild my audience or gain a new one. I want to regain trust but I understand that happens through consistency not promises. I will say, you can expect me to always be honest, transparent, and to reveal my truest self. 

With Love,

Rebekah Love