I Found This Letter In My 2015 Tumblr Drafts

Happy New Year Loves,

The last 6 weeks I've been attending to a year's worth of stuff, which I'll slowly unfold here. But for now, I wanted to share a letter I wrote to myself as my first 2018 post. I'm currently on winter break and tackling a to-do list I want to complete before the Spring semester begins. One of my goals is to create a few 2018 mood boards and digital collages. While I have Pinterest and Instagram boards, I was feeling a tug towards Tumblr. In my drafts I rediscovered a letter I'd written to myself a little over 2 years ago.


A Letter to Myself

You’re such a dynamic individual, you don’t give yourself enough credit. You have my permission to bask in your greatness. You have my permission to navigate from your amazingness. It’s okay to be critical once in awhile, but it must be construtive because you’re human babe. You have no right addressing yourself like you have the capacity of a machine. Never mind the people you think work like machines. Is that what YOU want for yourself? And never mind what you think you’re supposed to be doing and where you’re supposed to be. That's bullshit, you're where you need to be. You no longer have to be enslaved by your own thoughts. You don’t have to be chained down by ideas that aren't authentic to you. You’re not sinning nor will you go to hell if you choose your own beliefs. Take back your power and what feels right to you. You have my permission to do what’s right by your heart. Quit the negative talk, blaming, self-incrimination. You’re human. You’re meant to feel, so be all in your feelings if you need to.

You’re not a criminal for being negative, nor are you a failure for making mistakes. You are not lazy for being tired, it doesn't work that way. If you value yourself by what you do and don’t do, you’ll forever be in this unhealthy loop of fatigue. You’re tired because you’re shedding. The magnitude and rate in which you grow is so vast, you need to physically recover. 

Dwell on that.

Think about how massive your emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and ideologies weigh on you. Then imagine everyday that you’re growing. You’re simultaneously shedding dead weight and you need to rejuvenate. If you also take into account what lingers and what’s accumulated over the years; past hurts, childhood traumas, grudges, then how are you cleansing? How are you cleaning up after your daily tremendous growth? You have no idea the power that you hold. You're not small stuff, you hold the world in your heart. You are as big as the universe, so act accordingly. Move, breathe, eat, think, speak, and do as it matches the vastness of your being. You’re everything. So treat yourself as such. Take care of You. Take Your time. Feed Your mind, body, and soul. Mend Your heart like you need constant healing. 

Because You do!

You break every day. The world is constantly over-imposing on your peace. Protect You by cleansing each and every day. Create a ritual. Love Yourself. Love You. Take care of Your mind. You’re precious. You’re strong and delicate. Sharpen up. Soothe Your spirit. Be kind. Be gentle. No one is going to do this for You. Honor You. Respect You. Stick to You like Your life depends on it. 

It does.