Proceed With Caution (or not)

For 2018, I prayed for multiple sources of income but money came and I don't know how to manage it. This morning I journaled about my money issues and frustration with my lack of financial freedom. The most painful thing is to feel like money is holding you back, or the lack thereof. I journaled about financial promises, priorities, and the idea of stretching myself too thin, financially. Saying yes when I should've said no. Choosing wants over needs. Loosing self-control for the sake of instant gratification, then complaining later. I have come to the conclusion that it's not just about money but how I treat and think about the money I already have. 


I reminded myself of my 2018 goals and working towards multiple streams of income. After writing page after page about my money woes, I realized that my goals have already played out this month. I wrote a list of all the times I received money this month, the source, and how much. Let's just say, I'm embarrassed. 

Here I was thinking the answer was in more money, when in all actuality, the answer is better management of current monies. In January, I got EXACTLY what I asked for, money coming in constantly and from different directions. I was so clouded, I didn't realize that I got what I asked for. It wasn't more money I needed, but the wisdom, discipline, and discernment to manage it.

If I maintain the same unhealthy habits, regardless of more income, I will face the same dead-end. This morning, I was enlightened by my self-correction and decided to write a new promise.


I Am A Money Magnet With Discipline

I  pray for the wisdom, discipline, and discernment to properly manage every present and future dollar I possess. I respect every dime, dollar bill, and stack I come across. I pray for self-control and the ability to make the right choices with my money. I pray for the discernment on how to manage my money based on what needs to be done. I pray that my satisfaction and self-esteem is rooted in long-term decisions and financial stability. 


Financial freedom has been a constant topic in my life. Especially with the release of Jay Z's 4:44 album, his song Family Feud highlights the lack of financial stability within the black community and the pursuit towards generational wealth. I feel like all my friends collectively praised yes and are finding ways to unpack their money issues to improve them. We know practicing positive money habits is a key to success, its just knowing how to do it with no blueprint. There's an underlining issue which relates and contributes to my individual habits. It's a personal goal to eradicate my toxic money management within my family and larger community. It's bigger than me but it also starts with me. 

Do you have any habitual money issues that were passed down or are a manifestation of capitalism? How do/did you deal with them? Is this even an important issue to you? Share in the comments. Let's work together to eliminate unhealthy money habits. 

With Love,

Rebekah Love