The scariest place to be is comfortable with your raw truth. Its when you can admit things to yourself that you only notice. When you’re in a place where you refuse to lie to yourself, you’ve hit gold. When you know that there’s only a matter of time before you sit yourself down and admit the little lies you’ve been feeding your brain. I consider that the dungeon of doom. It makes you unstoppable. You’re at the center of self-love and really getting to know you. It’s a place of blissful discovery.

And it’s only terrifying because no one can touch you. You’re learning and understanding yourself from a place of love and not judgement. You’re aggressively unfolding your being layer by layer. Underneath every lie you’ve told yourself you shake your entire world and everything you’ve known. Initially it’s uncomfortable and sometimes disturbing. But it’s the fact that you continue to do it again, and again, and again. You make a conscious effort in peeling every lie no matter how much it stings. And just when you think it’s too much and you don’t know if you can handle what’s next. You become addicted to the transformative awakening. You’re empowered and falling in love with the deepest part of you. 

And because it makes you smile you continue to push forward gracefully.