School Uniform


My current style is solely based on comfort, convenience, and budget friendly. Looking back, my style has evolved and I'm fascinated how I went from wearing heels every day to now only wearing flats. I use to loath flats and cursed the day I'd be forced to wear them. I looked at wearing flats as "settling".

And yet here I am. 

Except, I don't feel old and ugly like I expected to feel. Today when I wear flats it doesn't mean I "let myself go" or I no longer care about my personal stlye. In fact, the shoes I wear tell a story about my priorities. I walk a lot and my daily destination is a far distance from my home. When I use to wear heels daily, they dictated my day, now I pick my shoes around my day.

This may not be a big deal to some and I'm sure I'm late to the flat-lady-gang. But, I've detached my self-confidence from impractical shoes and prioritize the events in my day instead of what I'm wearing for my day. 

Its a state of mind that I take for granted because its now my new normal. But looking back on painful walks, resting my feet on park benches, holding myself up on a corner to change into my heels before I got to an event (I actually did this a few months ago, hahah), or sitting down to alleviate the pain in my feet. I'm glad that I see the light, but most importantly, it feels good to release this standard of beauty from my life. 

Now let's be clear, I'm not anti-heels, I'm just anti discomfort and now pro-flats. 


I also found relief in having a staple outfit. As a full- time student, I'm involved on campus, and I live far, so I don't want to spend too much time getting dressed. My Levi jeans and denim jacket is a go to in addition to my accessories. That's where I usually have fun.