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The Things I Learned About Money

I learned that the man controls the money, every cent

I learned that you don’t need a lot of money

I learned that money is only important to pay bills

I learned that poor people aren’t supposed to have money

I learned that I’m not supposed to have money to pay for what you need and want

I learned that I'll never have enough money for luxuries

I learned that I should always have outstanding balances

I learned that a savings is not a possibility

I learned that as long as I’m not starving, I should be grateful for how much money I have

I learned that I don’t have a right to want more money, as long as I have food, shelter, and clothing

I learned that wanting more (money) is a sign of ungratefulness

I learned that wanting more (money) means I don’t appreciate what I have now

I learned that I’ll be poor until someone in a position of power “rescues” me (God, the government, a celebrity, lottery via the government)

I learned that I’m not worthy of a better life until someone gives it to me

I learned that wanting more (money) is wanting too much

I learned that wanting more (money) is not a positive thing

I learned that I can’t be grateful for what (money) I currently have while simultaneously wanting better (money)

I learned that I have to work really really really hard for little to no money

I learned that I don’t have a right to be frustrated about any financial struggles which also taught me that I don’t have a right to change what I’m frustrated about it

I learned that only God decides when/how my financial disposition changes

I learned that it’s out of my power to change my financial circumstances

I learned to be tired (of my financial disposition) but not take initiative to change it

I learned that its everyone else’s (God, the white man, the government, the wealthy, selfish people, unfair world) fault why my financial circumstances are the way they are

I learned to feel comfortable with feeling stuck

I learned to embrace poorness as a permanent struggle until its not

I learned to have a complicated relationship with money

I learned that money doesn’t like me and poorness favors me

I learned that the only way to get (little to no) money is to hustle and work unreasonably hard

I learned that I’m not supposed to make a lot of money from working really hard, just enough to get by


I wrote this in my journal along with many other things I learned. I wanted to share beliefs I felt that are not just relevant to me. All of these conditionings point to a larger issue that I don’t believe is unique to me. But in sharing my beliefs no matter how yucky it feels, I’m using my power to recondition, unlearn, and reprogram myself with more productive and positive money beliefs. I’m also using my power to call attention to something i’ve struggled with.

Prior to journaling, I didn’t realize how deeply rooted these beliefs were. I had been attacking the way I looked at a job, work, and working when in fact its been my money beliefs all along.

The most troubling thing that surfaced was;

I learned that if I’m frustrated about not having money, I’m saying that I’m ungrateful for what I do have. Being ungrateful was frowned upon because they were so many people with less than me. Therefor, I learned that feeling frustrated was unacceptable. The byproduct of that belief taught me to suppress that feeling (frustration), which didn’t allow me to address the thing that caused me frustration. This pushed my money beliefs deeper into my psyche because I learned that I was not allowed to feel emotions because feeling meant I was ungrateful.

I appreciate that I was able to call attention to these beliefs but I also felt heavy. I uncovered a lot. I utilize that energy towards action and created positive affirmations in order to cancel out the negative beliefs I attached to feeling, money, and power.


Money Affirmations

I work for the money, reality, and bank account I want

Money is my friend and gives me options

Money is a tool to help me change my circumstances

Money works for me

Everyone deserves money

I always have more than money to pay my bills

I always have more money than I need

I always pay my bills on or before the due date

A savings account is a necessity

I’m grateful for every cent I have

I am grateful for what I have now

I have a lot of money and I’m still a good person

Wanting more (money) is a sign of expansion

I appreciate everything I have

Wanting more does not cancel out my gratitude 

I’m in the position of power to change my life

I’m worthy of a better life

I am patient with myself, my process, and my journey

I push myself to learn more and challenge self-sabotaging beliefs

Its ok to think differently and outside the box

I’m allowed to feel how I need/want to feel

Feeling is a sign of my humanity, emotional intelligence, and inner wisdom

God is a guidance system to help me change my life

Its within my power to change my financial circumstances

Its my responsibility to change my life


What have you learned about money? Are they good things? Not so good? How are you dealing with your money issues, if any? Let’s continue this conversation in your inbox. Sign up for my newsletter for something special.