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The 5 Things I Must Do Everyday to Maintain Balance
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For 7 years I designed women’s accessories for my jewelry line, Charmed Feathers. Although I discontinued creating feather earrings (for now ), I learned a great deal about entrepreneurship. I’m proud to bring together the invaluable lessons I gained through experience and the wisdom from failing. It’s actually the battery in my back, the accumulated knowledge from the last 10 years that I draw from.

I feel committed to learning from my mistakes because now I know better. So here are my 5 daily must dos to keep me in order in my entrepreneurial journey.

Rebekah Love Fanm Djamn.jpg
  1. Drink water and eat fruit 

I’m embarrassed at how many hours and days I’ve went not drinking water because I was in work mode. It’s still a challenge because I have sat and worked for 10 hours without moving. But my insides need support or I will crash and burn fast. My favorite fruits to help healthy brain function are mangos, blackberries, bananas, pomegranate seeds, or a smoothie.

 2. Move my body 

This one has been HARD for me. I have practiced yoga at home for a few years but when it comes to the gym, I just....  I used to look at going to the gym as an optional chore. Today, I’m way more disciplined with spending a minimum 20 minutes being physical. Whether it’s going to the gym or doing yoga. Hey Yoga With Adrienne. The trick for me was to find the best time that works which t is early mornings. When I go between 5am and 7am, I feel like I got that “chore” out the way. And I never regret it becuase it always fuels my day in the best way possible. 

3. Call a loved one

Edit* communicate (text counts) with a loved one. A day doesn’t go by that my fiancé isn’t on the phone with a loved one. I’m not necessarily a texter but I end of connecting through text more often. I’m getting better and I still believe in phones calls. It’s so easy to be isolated in a work bubble but I’m committed to daily connection, to give and receive emotional support with loved ones. 

4. Give my mind a break 

I typically do these in the morning because sometimes I wake up with my mind running. But these will be great to do in the middle of the day. For me, most mental break look like morning meditating. But I can also be found, getting fresh air, taking a 10 minute walk, staring out a window, sitting in silence/doing nothing, or having a short conversation with someone.

5. Write

I journal every morning. And i have been journaling since I can remember. I write to clear, purge, and organize my mind, I also write for therapy because writing is my first love and the way that I best express myself. Without writing I’m left with thoughts, emotions, and crap stuck inside of me. When I can’t articulate how I feel through speech, I opt to write. I write for pleasure, release, understanding, and clarity.

Rebekah Love Fanm Djamn.jpg
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What are the things you must do every day to maintain balance? I’d love to know. Comment with your daily must dos below.

With Love,

Rebekah Love