What's Important to Me

Its the 4th week of the Fall semester and I already feel over whelmed. This semester was supposed to be different. It's my first semester in my college career where I'm not working. I'm attending 5 classes, an honors workshop, and working in the Women's Center. But I feel just as overwhelmed.

I believe I have too many priorities. Although I quit my job to focus on school, being a student is not my only role. Outside of school, I volunteer, mentor, host events, I'm a sister, friend, daughter, and girlfriend. These roles are all just as important to me as being a student. But there's just too many things that are important to me right now.

There was a point when my vision was unclear. I had a lot of filler goals, I was doing things that felt like it was adding value to my vision. Although, I moved with intention, I wasn't always doing the things that mattered the most. Now everything matters. 

It's amazing, but also overwhelming. I guess it's a good problem. I remember being frustrated with my unclear vision. I didn't know how to achieve my goals, what were the right moves to make, etc. But now I'm fulfilling my goals with intention, purpose, and clarity. 

I know that reprioritizing my goals will allow me to scale back on this overwhelming feeling. And for immediate changes, I'm trying for the life of me to eliminate distractions. The challenge is, sometimes the thing you love can distract you from your goals. I'm working through the balance of it all. 


Do you ever feel overwhelmed, distracted, or imbalanced? Are you trying to catch up to yourself because you're stepping into a new era? Do you feel challenged with choosing between something you need to do, want to do, and love to do? If there's anything you want to share, please feel free to comment below :}

With Love,

Rebekah Love