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Room 201

There weren't many words up until this point, there was no need to speak. The hotel lobby was silent enough to sense a nervous nerve or just a hint of regret. Once you walked through those doors there was no turning back. He was still fidgeting and she was calm but secretly anxious.

They both couldn't wait.

Enough was Enough. 

No more teasing.

No more flirting.

No more waiting.

It was time to take their tension out on each other.

They were so different but had so much in common. The way they maneuvered in life differently but still wanted similar results. They were one in the same, due to the fact that they were legends in their own lifetimes. They thought and worked within their own worlds, working towards making a hell of an impact on the world. It was only the beginning for them. What their friends and family seen as groundbreaking was barely the cherry topper compared to what they had planned for themselves.

It felt like a third date and even though it was the third time they saw each other. It was their second official date, which felt longer because of the amount of talking they did the last time they met. They learned so much about one another. Their debates ensued with sexual tension.

He was excited at her resistance but mostly turned on by her difficulty. She was a challenge, indeed. But in return he would be rewarded, for one-hundred-and-forty dollars. The room was small and equipped with an even smaller bathroom. Inside was a television set, possibly a 50", a table, ice bucket, 2 remotes, a nightstand, a chair, and a "for your pleasure" pillow. It was suppose to set a tone, the dim colored lights, the straightforward sex pillow, the painfully obvious size of the room itself. But with these details included it screamed the unspoken words and conversation of a one night stand.  Although it was far from it, it seemed like the closet thing you can get to a one night stand with someone you know. Their sexual tension overshadowed the obvious, and in less than ten minutes she was pinned to the wall. It was magnificent, the experience more than anything. They played and enjoyed one another. The build up made for an amazing story. She knew if she waited much longer, the anticipation would have been more satisfying. The cherry topper was their 6 hour conversation the next morning, over breakfast. Their rushed morning began at 7am, the time for checkout. They were forced to bring their company elsewhere. They devoured each other with conversation more than any position of their positions did, the night before.

-Rebekah Christie: January 18, 2013