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AfroPunk Festival 2017

What a fantastic way to end my summer. I went to the AfroPunk Music Festival in Brooklyn N,Y. My mother was vending this year, selling her aluminum earrings, so she was my in. I had no intentions on attending because my first day of class was the following Monday. But I'm so happy that I did. 


AfroPunk is everything its cracked up to be and more. I'm happy I did make it out because it felt like the completion of my summer. Between going to Bali for 5 weeks, starting this blog, and planning 'My Sista Support'. This summer, I mastered the balance between fun and productivity. I can't say what this Fall semester will look like, but I feel super prepared going into it. 

And Afropunk was the perfect way to close it all out. At the festival, I had the pleasure of getting my hair braided by AshleUnique from New Orleans. I floated through the market and made a lipstick purchase from Mented Cosmetics, a fun dainty necklace from Nina Arnell , a septum ring from Black Queer Magic. I'm also wearing a necklace from Charmed Feathers

I brought my dress from Buffalo Exchange and one of my FAVORITE shoe stores, DSW